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Here you can listen, learn and read about traditional Tlingit language and activities. This pilot project was funded by the Teslin Tlingit Council, The Public Health Agency of Canada and created with the help of the children, citizens and elders of the Village of Teslin. If you would like to participate in future events or recordings, please get in touch with Patty Wiseman.

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Loading... 02. When I Go Net Fishing
Loading... 03. When I Cook Bannock
Loading... 04. Numbers and Colors
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Loading... 06. When I Go Grouse Hunting
Loading... 07. When I Go Berry Picking
Loading... 08. When I Learn to Cut Fish
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Loading... 10. When I Go to Bed at Night
Loading... 11. When I Know My Body
Loading... 12. When I Visit the Nurse
Loading... 13. When I Help Out Around The House